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I Know Where We Are, by Timothy Dodd

I Know Where We Are“Joy is found wherever you are. Whether soaring through the cosmos, or at home sharing a book. Discover the wonder that permeates our universe of planets and animals and people. Are those flying forms human? Are they spirits? Are they make-believe? Let your children decide. Do planets know where they are? Stimulate your children’s creative thinking with out-of-the-box questions. Invite imaginative discussion about our solar system, our seas, and our cities. Nourish their natural craving to explore with a vision of limitless possibilities. Widen their innate world of wonder, and expand their sense of belonging. Three and five year olds love the luscious colors. Six and seven year olds delight in finding hidden surprises. Eight year olds are intrigued with thought provoking ideas, like the end resulting in the beginning. Adults are startled by how much the book speaks to them. There is always more to learn about the joy of life.”–The Author