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Carpe College! by Mike Metzler

Carpe College! is an idea. An approach. An M.O. A habit. A way of embracing everything college life throws your way – academics and the rest – and doing so with vigor. …It’s also an exploration, a continual experiment, a series of tests and trials and the dipping of many toes into many different waters in an attempt to uncover who you are and how you fit… with others… with the world at large… with your own notion of who you’d like to become.…

It encompasses both the LEARNING and the LIVING parts of college, never easy to separate, but we’ll do so for our purposes. We’ll explore strategies and stories that encourage you to actively and intentionally seek success in all facets of the experience”–

Mike Metzler will appear at the Local Author Book Fair at the Fairport Public Library, 1 Fairport Village Landing, on Saturday, December 7, 2013, from 2 to 4 PM.