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Jean Keplinger, Windows to the Past: 200 Years of Perinton, New York, History

Windows to the Past

Windows to the Past:  200 Years of Perinton, New York, History, by Jean Keplinger

Because this report on “200 Years of Perinton, New York, History” is a well-organized collection of news paper articles, the book functions as an introduction to local history or as a quick reference providing information on a multitude of subjects.  Chapter headings group early neighborhoods, farms, transportation, business, education, churches, recreation, etc.

The illustrations provide archival photographs and maps from the Town Historian’s collection and also offer current snapshots.  The lengthy index provides a reader’s route to new connections and novel insights, connecting different aspects of the history of a building, institution, or settler.

Old-timers will enjoy reminiscing about the subjects found.  Because each article stands on its own, the information is accessible to students as well as adults.  Like a bowl of peanuts, this well-written collection tempts the reader to take time for “just one more,” and then another, and another.