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Charles Benoit, Fall From Grace

Fall from Grace

Fall from Grace, by Charles Benoit

Sawyer is a senior in high school, and he has always done the right thing.  His parents are behind him every step of the way—right behind him.  His girlfriend is there for him, too.  Even his plans for college are working out.

So—why is Sawyer so ready to listen to Grace, with her plans for stealing a picture?

As Young Adult author Robert Lipsyte said of a previous Benoit title, the decisions are “as harshly real as Hell or high school.”

Charles Benoit continues his theme of observing the choices a teen protagonist makes, choices that mount up to have a meaning all their own.  There are a lot of issues here for discussion, and HarperCollins has provided a provocative online discussion guide, .

And, by the way, here is Benoit’s answer to the question, Is there any deeper meaning to all this stuff?  Wish I had had it back when I taught high school English!