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Bill Self, Customer 3D: A New Dimension for Customers

Customer 3D

Customer 3D: A New Dimension for Customers, by Bill Self

Self describes exceptional customer service and shows how a variety of organizations have focused on the customer’s experience (rather than products or services) in order to achieve business success.  The makers of WD-40 lubricant, for instance, focus on “creating positive, lasting memories for customers.”  The memories involve well-lubricated hinges, perhaps; but the focus is the positive memory, not the product.

A business that answers a customer’s request with, “Because our software doesn’t allow us to do that,” reveals that customers are expected to put up with the status quo.  This is the antithesis to customer service.

Self stresses that good customer service comes from a sense of abundance.  Rather than “giving away the store,” customer-centered generosity involves the “soft” skill of recognizing the customer’s human individuality and providing whatever is necessary.  This, in turn, enables the business to survive changes in technology or in the economy, because its focus is always on customer needs.

Written for business leaders, this book is of interest to entrepreneurs, employees, and civil servants as well as to the CEO.