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Kathy Johncox, The Last Generation of Women Who Cook

The Last Generation of Women Who Cook

The Last Generation of Women Who Cook, by Kathy Johncox

In the title story, a mother meets her grown son’s special girlfriend and realizes that the younger woman, despite other good qualities, cannot cook.  If cooking skills are no longer passed down in families, what is lost?  And…what might be gained in compensation for this loss?

In the story, “Sugar Cubes,” a three-generation family of women forms a strong circle of protection against fear by sharing an old-country custom:  dunking sugar cubes in milky coffee.

Very different from one another, the stories in this collection are sure-handed and delicious.


Margaret Cleary-Osborne, Rush Hour Recipes of America

Rush Hour Recipes of AmericaRush Hour Recipes of America, by Margaret Cleary-Osborne

These home-style recipes are designed to save time both in preparation and in cleanup.  Not only are chopping and peeling minimized, but the author also saves your time by limiting the list of ingredients and the number of cooking utensils required.

There’s a helpful list of staples to keep in the pantry and a short list of fresh ingredients to have on hand.

Recipes range from breakfast through dinner, from week-night standbys to holiday highlights.

The recipes are family-friendly.  Low calorie entries and dishes for the lactose-intolerant are marked.

My only complaint is that the author has marked chocolate chips “optional” in her recipe for easy brownies.  Who ever heard of “optional” chocolate chips!  There’s such a thing as keeping the list of ingredients too short!