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Dennis Bielewicz, Heroes in the Attic

Could anyone rFestive Book Signing at the Local Author Book Fairesist the lure of a secret room in a boarded-up house?

Not Dennis Bielewicz.  When an old farmer gave fifteen-year-old Dennis permission to keep what he had found in the secret room, Dennis did not know it, but he was starting a career as a researcher and historian.

This history of the New York 27th Volunteers, Company G, is the fruit of a lifetime’s research.  The author, then a high school boy, found the original papers  in an empty house on a farm where he had a summer job.

At first interested only in the stamps, Bielewicz put the documents aside for many years, while he served in the military, finished college, and took up a career as a high school librarian.

Bielewicz follows the Company from its organization (in defiance of the authorities at Genesee College) through the actions at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, the mustering-out at Elmira, triumphant homecoming, and the later lives of the survivors.

The author records his search for additional information and presents much of the result in documentary format, rather than as a lengthy exposition.  The documents, transcribed for legibility and printed on an ecru background, have an attractively old-fashioned appearance.  Old photographs, maps, and drawings contribute information and add to the visual appeal of this fascinating history.