Duane H Cook, By Guess and By God

By Guess and By God, by Duane H. Cook

Starting without family or friends, young George Cash grew up to marry his sweetheart and inherit an Idaho rabbit ranch with valuable government contracts to feed the soldiers in World War I.  When the war ended and with it the rabbit contracts, along came Prohibition and opportunities for evading the Volstead Act.  The family continued to grow and prosper, one way and another, through World War II and the Cold War.  As time went by, the Cash family learned a lot about war and the suffering it brings.

Over the course of his long lifetime, George Cash observed and distilled his own philosophy, which he passed on to his numerous children and grandchildren, several in powerful places.  “Be patient:  Soon we will have our opportunity to change the world.”

This historical novel is strongly based in American history, and offers fascinating factual footnotes for the curious reader.


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