Sherry Gammon, Souls in Peril

Souls in Peril

Souls in Peril, by Sherry Gammon

Because a new intern angel had carried him off before his life was really supposed to end, Max was offered the chance to return to Earth, to his own high school, to help a soul in peril.

As Captain of the Football Team, Max hadn’t spent a lot of time thinking about Lumpy Larry.  He disdained Larry’s looks, but had never thought about Larry’s harsh home life or the perils Larry faced at the bus stop.   And now Max was sent back to high school inside Larry’s body, to give him some (unspecified) kind of help.  “Fine,” thought Max, “I can see my old friends and help Larry lose weight.”  Aah, but it was harder than Max expected, just as the angel Gabriel (no, not thatGabriel! Gabriel from Schenechtady!) had said.

So this is a book about bullying:  the thoughtless sort, the violent sort, and the highly intentional sort.  Besides the engaging story, there’s humor and hope here.

For starters, kids can do a lot to help each other.  Some adults are disposed to be helpful. In the end, it is up to the sufferer to choose–or refuse–the offered help.   Humor and hope, and lots to talk about.


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