Balancing Act

Once upon a time there was Mouse Paint, the story of 3 white mice who found that red feet dancing through a yellow puddle make orange footprints.  In Kennelly Park, outside the Fairport Public Library windows, a statue of the three mice greets children who come for summer concerts at the bandstand beside the Canal.

Now, new this year, comes Balancing Act, in which two little brown mice create a makeshift seesaw and find ways to adapt and re-balance despite the arrival of more and more friends.

This is a story to read to a small child, stopping to delight in the speckles on a salamander.  It is also a book that tempts the reader to find a stick to balance over a stone.  The words are few, but the pictures are rich.  Is it math?  Is it science?  Is it fiction?  Never mind.  It is a story to love.

Mrs. Walsh will read her new book aloud to an audience of children at the Local Authors’ Book Fair on December 4, 2010.



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