2034: Writing Rochester’s Futures

What will Rochester be like in 2034, the bicentennial of that city’s founding?  Members of the Rochester Speculative Literature Association* have provided 18 short stories on the theme of our future.

Fairport’s Craig DeLancey sees a future that is in some ways just like the present:  Mothers worrying about their teens, whether they will improve their grades and get into college, what they are doing down cellar after school, whether to break up an unpromising twosome.  The young people never appear in the story, but listening to the mothers, the reader knows these boys are much more aware and productive than their parents suppose.    The kids are alright.

Other entries range from the cynical to the amusing, contributors range from Nancy Kress with 4 Nebulas and a  Hugo Award to university professors and new voices.

Oh, and don’t miss the Zombies:  Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.

And you thought you knew Rochester!


*  Writers include Nancy Kress, Eric Scoles, Ben Chapman, Dana Paxson, Rory Gillett, Adele Ciccaglione, Sally Caves, Gary A Mitchell, Lyndsay Ely, Kim Gellett, Craig DeLancey, L S Gathmann, Jamie Gilman Kress, Tom Moran, Nick DiChario, Steven Donner, Steve Carper, and Alicia Doty Henn.  Alicia Doty Henn will attend the Local Authors’ Book Fair, Come Home for the Holidays, at the Fairport Public Library on December 4, 2010.




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